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About us

Cronos Finance is a Swiss wealth management company accredited by FINMA. It offers its services to private and institutional clients.


Our approach

Our approach is simple and focused on the essentials, as it aims to meet the basic needs of our clients by allocating our resources on the main influencing factors of the investment process. Academic studies show that asset allocation is the main driver of performance. We have made it our area of expertise and our management activity is based on the long term. We are very cautious and deliberately choose to take a low level of risk. The objective is to generate stable and continuous growth over a full business cycle.

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We accompany and advise our clients for the entire decision-making process through our consulting mandate services. The final choices are up to him.

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Through the discretionary management mandate, the client entrusts us with the complete management of his portfolio.

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The investment fund is a vehicle whose mutualization allows an optimal distribution of costs and risks between investors.

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Our Real Estate Portfolio

Geographical distribution of our Swiss real estate portfolio with a high concentration on the French part of Switzerland (about 80%).