Cronos Finance SA, result of the merge between Synopsis and Cronos, is a Swiss FINMA-Authorized wealth management company.

Cronos provides services to private and institutional clients. The diversity of its business model (management and distribution of Swiss and foreign investment funds, management of private and institutional mandates) and its size, position Cronos among the top-ranking assets management companies in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.


This is an overview of our company products and services.

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The Discretionary Management Mandate

The Investment Advisory Mandate

The Investment funds


Cronos has been running a Think Tank on occupational pension schemes since 2011, in partnership with the Faculty of business and economics at the University of Lausanne.

Presentations and videos are available in French.

Researches in “Need in housing for the elderly in Switzerland - Horizon 2045” and “Student housing in Switzerland - supplies and demands - Perspectives 2045” are available in French.